About Us

Institute of Healthcare Development (IHD) / HQAC (Healthcare Quality Assurance Center)

In Bangladesh health sector, we have dedicated and educated fine physician, nurses, and allied healthcare personnel caring 160 million people, with state of the art hospitals and equipment to deliver the best services. However, the affluent populations are not quite happy with the quality of services in this country and making overseas trips to achieve medical care, siphoning out over 30 billion taka annually.

People are not happy with the quality of our healthcare system because of the following prevailed conditions:

  1. Physicians are not quiet friendly and do not give enough time and do not communicate with the patients appropriately,
  2. Junior doctors do not have expected level of skills, are confused about the proper delivery of  treatment,
  3. Patients have to wait in long queue to see a consultant
  4. Nurses are not confident in patient care because of lack of proper knowledge and skills
  5. Hospitals do not have smooth system for delivery of patient care
  6. Hospitals do not have any system of accountability of its own work, nor does it have any transparent and written accountable system for the physicians’ and nurses’ quality of work.
  7. Patients feel themselves hostage at the mercy of the physicians
  8. Physicians, nurses, and hospital management are not accountable to anyone, resulting in lack of respect and quality of patient care.
  9. Poor or no communication between nurses and doctors, resulting in poor patient care.
  10. There is no system for continuous quality improvement for healthcare facilities, doctors, or nurses, or other healthcare personnel, resulting in out dated practice.
  11. Overlooking and ignoring the very basic and critically important issues in healthcare facilities like routine hand hygiene practice, basic life support, basic nursing skills, basic airway management, initial patient evaluation, Patient flow charts, clinical pathways, policies and procedures, maintenance and services of equipment and management of critical patients.
  12. Lack of simulation based training for physicians and nurses, resulting in poor training and experimenting on patients without their knowledge and prior approval, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality of patients.

We are committed to develop the hospital systems of delivering the care to meet the International Standers Hospital Services. 

Our experiences and research reveal that with proper education, simulation based training and skills development, along with system development with set quality standards, our physicians and nurses are able to provide world class treatment with excellent patient satisfaction and praise from visiting consultants, family members, and hospital management.

With these experiences, we decided to establish the Institute of healthcare development (IHD) / HQAC to train hospital managers, physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare providers with up to date knowledge, simulation based training, skills development and system development throughout the healthcare facility to be able to provide world class healthcare to treat not only the patients at home, but also to attract patients from abroad.

The edge remains true. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We must plan for prosperity. Strategic planning is critical to ensure a future of opportunity and prosperity; we must be willing to critically reexamine our role and efficiency of our operations.

Our mission:
To serve the Healthcare serving facilities of Bangladesh to improve their services for the patients care to prevent and treat illness by providing their employees comprehensive training & education and assisting the Healthcare facilities (Hospitals) to Develop, Implement and Monitor best Healthcare Standards.