About Us

The Institute of Healthcare Development (IHD) founded in 2010 with the goal of providing advanced healthcare education and hands-on-training to the managers, physicians, nurses, technologists, and support staffs to achieve highest quality of healthcare to our valued patients and their family members.

The Institute seeks to improve the quality of healthcare sector as well as healthcare providers by promoting systematic development of clinical practice guidelines and their application into practice, through national & international collaboration.

IHD’s core motto is “Improve the Healthcare system by providing up to-date knowledge and state of the art coordinated training to the healthcare providers”. IHD believes that appropriate training in healthcare management enhances the status and qualifications of HealthCare Managers/Providers in healthcare sector.



“To improve the healthcare system by providing up to-date knowledge and state of the art coordinated training to the healthcare providers and the facilities”.



“The IHD’s mission is to provide superior, value-added services and products tailored to meet the needs of Healthcare Providers, as well as enhancing the image of the sector through development, training, education and research.”


Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide and promote a mechanism for the quality and process improvement activities in healthcare organizations.
  2. To provide guidance, training and education to hospital staff about quality healthcare practice and safety principles through Lecture, Workshop, Seminar-Symposium, and Training Courses.
  3. To establish a comprehensive improvement mechanism to maintain and improve the quality and safety of patient care within the limitations of available resources in the healthcare facilities.
  4. To enhance effective communication within the member organizations, extending towards the community and clients.
  5. Recommend measures to improve health care processes.
  6. To assist with the development and implementation of performance Improvement initiatives.
  7. To respond proactively to our internal and external customer’s expectations concerning the quality of care.
  8. To maximize patient and hospital safety and minimize the risk.


Our Core Values:

  1. Improve our standard through a comprehensive Performance Improvement Plan.
  2. Developing and creating an environment to provide world class patient care by world class and up to date education, simulation based training for healthcare providers and by development of policies, procedures and systems in the healthcare facilities.
  3. Work together with our clients, trainers and staffs with honesty and integrity to achieve our goals.