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  • First Aid with CPR AED

    First Aid with CPR AED

    American Heart Association developed this First Aid with CPR AED course includes essential information and training of the First Aid and CPR AED skills recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which develops the skills to effectively assess and support life during the critical minutes immediately following an emergency, until Emergency Medical Service personnel arrive or the victim transport to a hospital facility.

    Course Module:

    1. First Aid Basics
    1. Rescuers duties
    2. Victim and Rescuers Safety
    3. Communication to get help
    4.  Finding the problem (assessment)
    5. The sample First Aid kit

    2. Medical Emergencies:

    1. Heart Attack
    2. Cardiac Arrest
    3. Stroke
    4. Fainting Attack
    5. Breathing difficulties
    6. Diarrhoea
    7. Diabetes & low blood sugar
    8. Allergic Reaction
    9. Abdominal pain
    10. High fever
    11. Seizure
    12. Shock
    13. Chocking / Foreign body airway obstruction Adult, Child and Infant

    3. Injury Emergencies:

    • Cut injury / wound with bleeding
    • Bland trauma / bleeding you can’t see
    • Broken bone
    • Sprain
    • Head injury
    • Neck injury / spine injury
    • Burn
    • Electrical Injury
    • Nose Bleeding

    4. Environmental Emergency:

    • Bites & strings
    • Heat stroke

    5. CPR AED

    1. Adult CPR AED
    2. Child CPR AED
    3. Infant CPR AED