ACLS (Advance Cardiovascular Life Support)

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Course Overview

For Registration Please call:        01972123000 (Course Coordinator)

Nov. 2023 Schedule:         12-13th and  25- 26th 

 ACLS is purely knowledge and skill development program on Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC).


   1.  High-Performance Team work : In-Hospital, Out Hospital

   2.  System of Care

   3.  Science of Resuscitation

   4.  Systematic  Approach to Cardiac arrest and other Life threatening cardiac emergencies

   5.  CPR Coach

   6.  Overview of High quality BLS

   7.  Airway Management – Basic and advance (including intubation ETT, LMA and Esophageo-tracheal tube)

   8.  ACS

   9.  Stroke

   10.  Algorithms and simulation based practice on:

           Cardiac Arrest



           Post Cardiac arrest care

    11.  Intraosseous access

    12.  Coping with death

    13.  Electrical therapy -  Defibrillation, Synchronizes Cardio version, Transcutaneous pacing 

Through Registration you have to collect course materials, (early registration for study course materials and preparation for  the course is essential).

Online Pre-course self - assessment (Mandatory),

Duration of course is 16 hours in two days, Video based lectures, simulation based hands on practice, practical & written (MCQ) evaluation.

Instructors have to make sure that each participant developed their confidence to practice according to AHA standards.